Sunday, October 17, 2010

River Run 1/2M – September 12, 2010

River Run 1/2M – September 12, 2010

This was my 5th race in 5 weeks and the 3rd half marathon in a row. It was also the fastest! (expected, because the course is point-to-point and mostly downhill).

I did not follow any particular strategy and do not have any memories or anything of interest to write about this race. Just fast running from start to finish. I am pleased with my very even pace.

Mile splits: 6:48, 6:57, 6:48, 6:45, 6:46, 6:46, 6:56, 6:52, 6:52, 6:56, 6:56, 6:42, 6:51, 6:34 (last 0.1).

I finished at 1:30:07 (previous PR from last year, same race, 1:31:16). I finished 5th in my age group (in the previous or next age group I would have been 3rd).

Liz also ran the half. Her time, 2:05:08, was also a PR by 42 seconds from the half we ran 2 weeks ago. She is telling me that she did not enjoy the race. She was hoping to do better and it felt hard.

I am planning to run this race again last year and this time I hope to break 1:30!!

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