Sunday, October 17, 2010

Independence 5K – August 7, 2010

Independence 5K – August 7, 2010

The Independence 5K is for me one of the longest-running races. I first ran it in 2003. My time was 20:26. Then again in 2004 (20:12) and 2005 (20:06). This was my PR in 5K until last year. I skipped a couple of years and returned in 2009 with a 19:31 (2nd best 5K time). So, I was looking forward to a good race, plus this is part of the Hermes series and Liz and I needed to do well.

After a short warm-up with Liz, we took our place at the start line, and off we go.

Mile splits: 6:08, 6:36, 6:29, 5:56 (last .1)

I finished in 19:39, 29/335 overall and 1st/15 in my age group! This is the first 5K this year (and the 3rd ever) where I "break" 20 minutes. I was also first in the Hermes series.

Liz finished in 26:25, 2nd/10 in her age group. Here is a picture of Liz at the finish stretch:

We stayed for the awards and enjoyed the DJ, same guy every year, very entertaining:

And here am I, proudly holding my award:

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