Sunday, October 17, 2010

Broadview Heights 5K - July 11, 2010

Broadview Heights 5K - July 11, 2010

The morning after a hard afternoon “Winking Lizard” 4 miler race, I went to neighboring city, Broadview Heights, to run a 5K. I went alone because Liz was leaving for a business trip. I wanted to run this race because this is where I made my 5K PR last year with 19:19. I was curious to see if I could get close to this time again this year.

Well, not even close! My time was 20:26, but I managed to finish 8th/139 overall and first 1/12 in my age group.

Well, I can blame my tired legs from the race the previous day, but I definitely I am not in the running shape I was this time last year.

Next week I am going to the NSA convention in Huron OH, and will miss my favorite race, the Buckeye 50K.  Oh well... Next year.

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