Friday, February 29, 2008

Week 8 - Training Report

Well, one week I did not keep a good record and now I cannot remember exactly what I did this week! I am improvising below....
  • S: Attempted a short run around the neighborhood and hit the wall after 4 miles. Ended up walking a bit.
  • M: Rest. Monday is always a busy day for me. I have a lot of packing & shipping to do, plus I have to get ready for Greek school.
  • T: I think this day I went for another trail/photo run. Took Snowville downhill to the buckeye trail, took pictures with my Horseman 3D camera, then back home through Columbia.
  • W: Not sure what I did... possibly a 5 mile run in the neighborhood.
  • T: I am drawing a blank this day too.
  • F: Rest. I had a dental appointment & oral surgery. It was not too bad, but the dentist did not want me to run the next day.
  • S: AMA (Against Medical Advice) I joined the “Vertical Runner” group. I skipped the 6:30 group, so I started with the 7:30 group. We did the reverse "Shamrock" route. This was 12.2 miles at a fast pace, about 8 min/mile. The route is tough with lots of hills. For the rest of the day I was exhausted and it showed up the next day too!

Total for the week = 27 miles – Average weight 168 lbs

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