Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week 6 - Training Report

  • S: Started the week with a slow neighborhood run with Liz, 5.4 miles.
  • M: Start w/Liz one mile, then Columbia and back, 6.8 mi.
  • T: Same, 6.9 mi. No fitness. Club meeting instead.
  • W: No running (too tired). Ate pizza, etc. all day long, not good!
  • T: Columbia, Riverview, Snowville loop. 5.1 mi but challenging hill.
  • F: Rest
  • S: Joined “Vertical Runner” group. Originally, I was going to run with the 7:30 am group for 12 miles. But the kitty woke me up at 6 am so I decided to join the 6:30 am group. I did 5 miles with the first group and them 11 miles or so with the 2nd group. Normally, I would be done at this point, but I made a new friend, Mark, in this 2nd group. Mark wanted to run 5 more (slower) miles at the towpath. I decided to join him. This brought my mileage to an unplanned 21 miles! I forgot my Garmin watch so I don’t know the mile splits but some miles were as fast as 8min/mile or faster, while towards the end we had slowed to 9:30 min/mile. Overall, it was a very nice run!

    Total for the week = 45 miles – Average weight 166 lbs

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