Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week 5 - Training report

  • S: I started the week with a rest day, after my 50K Buckeye winter trail. Surprisingly, I felt very good and ready to resume running right away.
  • M: 7m run, following my new favorite route: Snowville to Columbia, to the Buckeye trail to Snowville and then back home. While I was 0.5 mi into the run, I decided to go back home and get my RBT S1 stereo camera. It was a nice cold day with some sun. This is the first time I took the stereo camera on a trail run by myself. Average page 10:10.
  • T: 5 mi around Echo Hill. Fitness w/Steve in the evening.
  • W: I went with Liz (my wife) for a 4 mile neighborhood run, that she calls the “Comrades” because it is hilly. It was cold, 15F and windy and I was frozen. I did not enjoy the run but Liz did. Our pace was 9:28, slow for me, fast for her.
  • T: 5K run at the rec center (indoors track), followed by fitness (w/Steve) class.
  • F: Rest
  • S: I joined the "Vertical Runner" group for a 10 mile run. It was rather hard route, from Peninsula to Boston via the frozen/slippery Towpath, then up Hinnes road, to the Bike & Trail and then down Boston Mills road and back to Peninsula via Riverview road (this might be shorter than the towpath but it is hillier). My mile splits for this run: 9:28 8:47 8:54 8:56 8:25 7:51 7:57 8:04 8:28 7:42. Started slow, but then picked up the pace. Considering the monster hills, this was a rather fast pace. I was tired and hungry for the rest of the day.

This week I made another attempt to diet and stopped eating sugar, which includes chocolate and hot cocoa (ouch!) So far so good.

Total for the week = 29 miles – Average weight 167 lbs

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