Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week 7 - Training Report

  • S: After my unplanned longer run last Saturday, I started the week with a rest day!
  • M: It was cold (15F) and this is the first time I put a face mask. I ran 6 miles in Columbia road and back. Roads were covered with snow. A bit dangerous, but not much traffic.
  • T: 5 miles around the neighborhood. No watch. Fitness class was cancelled because of predicted bad weather (freezing rain) that never really came in full force.
  • W: 4 miles with Liz around the neighborhood.
  • T: Beautiful sunny 30F day. I decided to run in the afternnon with two cameras (RBT S1 and Yashica with 25mm lenses). I took the reverse route, Snowville to Buckeye Trail (were I shot at least two rolls) and out to Columbia road and from there up and home. Skipped fitness because of Tony’s practice.
  • F: Rest
  • S: Joined the “Vertical Runner” group. This time I decided to join the 6:30 am group because I enjoyed the run last week. We ran 6 miles. Then I joined the 7:30 group for 12 miles. In this group I met Melissa, who I had “met” in the joy_of_running email discussion list. Melissa wanted to do 20 miles in preparation of her upcoming marathon. So, after completing my 18 miles (12 for her) we went for 8 more. I think we did about 7 miles, one of which was walking. I counted 25 miles for this run. Somehow my Garmin stopped two times so I don't have the exact mileage, but it does not matter. Here are my splits with the first group: 9:07 8:32 8:28 8:18 8:35 9:02. Splits with the 2nd group: 9:04 8:04 8:11 8:16, My Garmin was off for 3 miles at this point. The final miles were in the 11-12 min/mile slow pace. It was a good run and I did not feel particularly tired for the rest of the day. I even attempted a run the next day but I had to abort it. I guess I need more rest!

    Total for the week = 45 miles – Average weight 168 lbs (my “diet” broke down again!)

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