Saturday, March 1, 2008

Week 9 - Training Report

By all means, this was a terrible week, running-wise! Not only did I run very little (no running from Monday to Friday) but also ate a lot and gained a couple of pounds!

The week started OK with a slow (9:30 min/mile) 7 mile slow run with my wife (Snowville to Columbia and back, with a little bit in Echo Hills) on Sunday. Monday, a busy day, only one mile up and down the street. And that was it until Saturday!

We had a lot of snow this week. It was snowing on Tuesday so not only I did not run, I also did not go for Fitness. On Wednesday I was busy finishing the (stereo club) newsletter. I did go to see two 3d movies (see my 3d blog: I was going to run on Thursday but I took a nap and woke up late :). I was also going to run on Friday but I drove to Toledo to pick up Lea and when I came back it had snowed and the roads were bad.

So, here we are on Saturday, fresh, and out of shape! The early group met at 6:30 for just 2.5 miles around the snow-covered local streets. The regular group started at 7:00 (time moved ½ hour earlier). We went from Lock 29 to Akron Peninsula Rd, right on Bolanz, then to Ira, Oak Hill, Everett, River Road and back to Lock 29. Dan wanted to add a few more miles but the pace was fast for me and I was getting tired so I settled for 12 miles, or a total of 14.5 for the day at 2:04 (8:30 pace). My mile splits: 9:38, 9:28, 9:26, 8:39, 8:24, 8:09, 8:17, 8:24, 8:15, 8:16, 8:28, 7:59, 8:53, 8:13, 7:29

Total for the week = 23 miles, average weight = 169 lbs

My mileage has been going down and weight has been going up. I am getting a bit nervous regarding the Shamrock 15K race next week. Should I run lots of miles this week, or take it easy?


Sensationally Red said...

I had a lousy running week too, and I've really fallen off the wagon with my eating. It must be winter. We need to be done with it.

DrT said...

Yeap! Spring is around the corner!!!