Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 10 - Training Report

Another one of these “bad” weeks with little running and plenty of eating, but this time I had an excuse: The weather was bad (at least on Friday and Saturday) and I was tapering for the Shamrock 15K race on Sunday.

The week started (S) with 6 easy miles, 2.3 of which were with my daughter Lea. M, 2.5 miles, again part of them with Lea. I also went to fitness class this day. W: 6 miles to Columbia road and back. T: 3 miles, hit the wall at this point. F & S: No running. We had a terrible snow storm that lasted from Friday to Sunday morning. South Brecksvlle (that's us!) got 20 inches of show. I must have shoveled snow a dozen times. My back was/is hurting!!!

Total for the week = 23 miles, average weight = 171 lbs (+2 from last week!)

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