Friday, March 7, 2008

My Running Family!

I “discovered” running in 2001. With typical enthusiasm, I jumped into running with both legs. But somehow I failed to transmit this enthusiasm to the rest of my family. The few times I brought up the possibility of running, they all declared with one voice that they “HATE running!”

I believe that you can lead by example, but you cannot push someone do something that YOU like. They have to discover things on their own. No one pushed me to play sports, get interested in science, take stereo pictures, or start running… I might have not taken up these interests if my parents insisted I did.

So, I was thrilled when my wife started running last year. She went from walking in the treadmill, to running for short times, then running a mile on the treadmill and then running outside up and down the street for a mile. At first she claimed that she was running for fitness only, and she did not really enjoy running. But, things changed soon and I talked her (with some difficulty I must admit) into signing up for her first 5K race (Buckeye, August 2007) And then her 2nd 5K, Fall Classic, where she won a 3rd place award!

Now we are starting the local racing season with the Shamrock 5K/15K and she agreed to signing up for the 5K. Of course I had to make promises and lie a bit, to get her to do this. I told her that the course is flat (it is not!) and I promised that the weather will be great, as it has been in past races (unfortunately, a blizzard is predicted, and bitter cold on running day!)

But the big surprise came from my daughter! She saw me completing the race application and was curious about it. When I explained what this was, she said "I want to run too!" That’s great! The problem is, she has never ran more than 1 mile! So I have been taking her out running this week... The longest she has made it so far is 2.3 miles. She is taking walking breaks but is determined to finish the race, even if she has to walk.

Her average time is 10 min/mile running and 12 min/mile including the walking breaks. I am predicting a 36 min 5K time for her Last year there were only two female runners in her age group (15 to 19). I am telling her, with a little luck, she can even win an award! My wife can do better of course with a 25:55 PR under her belt. But she insists that they will cancel the race because of the weather!

Right now, my daughter’s main problem is what to wear on race day :) She wants to look cute in a new outfit. So this race is going to cost us a bit more than the race entry. She is going shopping with her mom tomorrow… That’s OK. It is worth it!

Now, we need to get our son interested in running! This turn of events has been unexpected and very exciting for me… We are now a running family!

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