Sunday, October 2, 2011

Standard Dietary Advice for Runners (makes my hair stand up!)

Hi Guys,

I was looking around running web sites for some inspiration for my Akron marathon tomorrow, and found the following nutritional advice for runners in

“For athletes in periods of heavy training, a good rule of thumb is to consume three to five grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight per day. A competitive, 170-pound runner might range between 500 and 700 grams daily."

"Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrate-rich foods that also contain a great deal of other nutrients, and it is widely known that you should eat them in plentiful amounts. But don't cut potatoes, bread and pasta from your diet."

"Ideally, four hours before exercise, you would consume two grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight.... A 120-pound runner would not be able to consume 17 slices of rye bread with four hours to go before a long run. Since this has much to do with the sheer bulk of such a meal, remember that sports beverages and juices offer a concentrated dose of carbohydrate before a race, while filling the stomach far less."

Makes my hair stand up! :)

And this, regarding pre-race eating:

“Every meal is important, but no meal is more important than the one before a race. The main purpose of the pre-race meal is to fill your liver with glycogen. At least 80 percent of the calories you consume in your pre-race meal should come from carbohydrates. Keep your protein, and especially your fat and fiber consumption low. These nutrients take up space that are better utilized by carbohydrate.

I am curious how my pre-race meal of two eggs (no bread) will work out... Oh, I forgot the orange!

I will report tomorrow.

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