Sunday, October 2, 2011

Science for Smart People

Science for Smart People:

I found this video, from a presentation by comedian Tom Naughton, on the 4th Annual Low-Carb Cruise:

Tom is the writer/director of the movie FatHead (which I just got in the mail and watched it last night, highly recommended!)

This is a long (45 minutes) but entertaining presentation, which for me could be a lecture in a university on observational and clinical studies.  Many of our beliefs about the effect of cholesterol, fat, salt, etc., comes from news titles which, in tern, are inspired from actual observational and clinical studies. Tom explains what this means. What are observational studies and what are clinical studies? How to critically look at these studies and draw your own conclusions, instead of depending on reporters to summarize the conclusions of the study with a catchy title like "Eating eggs will make you fat" etc. There are a couple of sections where running is mentioned. A lot of the running recommendations on what to eat/drink etc., also come from similar studies, so the information is appropriate.

I am sure you will enjoy this presentation and become a bit more skeptical about what conventional medical science says we should be doing, knowing how this advice was derived. And you will be inspired to read the original studies, instead of relying on summaries.

PS, Tom’s web site is:

His motto: You’ve been fed a load of balogna

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