Sunday, June 27, 2010

XTERRA - Chapin Forest - 5 Mile Race

XTERRA - Xterra Trail Run
Ohio Series - Chapin Forest - 5 Miles
June 26th, 2010

I heard about this race from Laurie via Facebook. It is a 5 mile trail race. Sounded like fun, so I decided to try it. This is part of the XTERRA Ohio Trail races. There are 5 total races. This race was in Kirtland, about 40 minutes driving from my house. Of course, I got lost because the directions were sending me to the aid station instead of the start, but I managed to find my way to the start in time to register (for this and the August 21 race, also 5 miles at Oak Hill in Boston Township, closer to home). Vince was the race director and here he is giving the last instructions before the start at 8 am.

The weather was just about perfect, and the course dry. There were mild uphils, downhills, rocky surfaces, short technical parts, soft trails, etc. I ran as fast as I could and passed several runners. My mile splits: 8:03, 6:53 (!), 7:38, 8:06, 7:09. My Garmin showed the course to be a bit short. My official time was 36:31 (7:19 pace, not bad for trails!).  Timing for this race was done by Jim Chaney.  Results were up the same day.

After the race Dan said that I must be the first Masters runner. I finished 11th (out of 73 runners) but I was the 3rd runner 50 and older! The 2nd and 5th place runners were 50 years old! I ended up getting 2nd place for 50 and older. My award was a nice XTERRA hat (I can use a hat!)

Laurie did well too, winning 2nd place in her age group.  But she was a bit slower than usual.  Her husband, Radames, actually finished ahead of her, for the first time ever (I understand).  Here is a picture of him.  Click at the picture to see his big smile.  Laurie is seen in the back.

Overall, it was fun and I am happy with my time!

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