Monday, June 21, 2010

Mohican 50 mile: 9:58 - 9th place overall !!!

I am still trying to recover from the shock!

I went to run the Mohican 50 miler with average training and zero expectations (aim: 12 hours) I ran the race of my life... By mile 20, I was in 8th place overall. I finished in 9 hr 58 min, in 9th place (out of ~100 starters). I have not seen the results yet but I suspect that the 8 runners ahead of me are all under 40 years old.

I am very happy!!

What's more surprising is that I feel great today. Which is a sign that I did not really push hard. I just ran at a comfortable pace to finish. The weather cooperated (they were expecting temperatures in the 90s but it stayed in the 70s and overcast until noon) So everything went well. As I was told, the course was hard (I knew about the many long uphills, but 4 river crossings knee high?) Other than the rivers, muddy horse trails, endless uphills, etc., the race was rather uneventful. I did not get lost (the trails were very well marked) and only fell once.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I think I see a 100 miler in my near future (Burning River next year?)

A full report will follow in a day or two.  Stay tuned!

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kccat said...

Great race report and I enjoyed all the pics too. Congrats!