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Brecksville 5K - 2010

Brecksville 5K

This is an inaugural race in our home town and as such we could not miss it! Since 2000 that I have been running there has only been a Bees 5K cross country race (started in 2003) and there was one lonely 5K race in August 2005 called Bull 5K. (In that race I finished first in my age group with 21:20 and 8th overall).

Now, they are starting a new 5K race in connection to Brecksville Days (usually around July 4th weekend). The race is organized by Hermes so we knew it was going to be conducted well. Liz and I signed up for this, even though there was another Hermes race which counts for the Road Race series. We decided to support our home town vs. improving our standings.

The race started at 9:00 am, a bit late for this time of the year. The temperature was around 80F and sunny, not the best weather for running, but, as I told Liz, it is only a 5K. A few clouds covered the sun for most of the race.  Here is a picture of Liz looking very happy at the start (she would look very different half an hour later):

The start was on Brecksville Road and the finish was also on Brecksville Road but a but further. The route goes down on Brecksville road, turn behind the Middle school, up Highland Road, then turn on Oaks to Brecksville and down Brecksville Road to the finish. The course is not flat. Has some hills in the first 2 miles and finishes downhill.  Here is a picture of the lineup at the start:

I started OK, passed a bunch of people, then kept my position for the hard 2nd mile, and tried to run fast the last mile downhill. I only passed one runner at the finish line but got passed by another one.

My mile splits: 6:43, 7:23, 6:16. Final time: 20:35.

This is good and I am pleased, considering that: 1) The course is not flat, 2) My legs were a bit tired from yesterday’s race (not to mention Mohican 50) In a flat course and with fresh legs, I believe I could have dropped under 20 minutes (my perpetual goal).

I ran with my Fuji 3d camera and waited for Liz to finish. She finished at 27:17, rather slow but predicted for the difficulty of the course. Liz, as always in the heat, was like she had a stroke at the finish and afterwards. I am a bit worried about this. She cannot talk and she really looks like she is having a stroke. Maybe she is trying too hard. It takes her about 30 minutes to recover afterwards.

Here are two pictures from other finishers.  This was a race for the entire family!

There was no timing chip so it took a while to enter the results in the computer. We stayed for the awards, very nicely given by Mayor Hurby. The post-race snacks were excellent (fresh bagels, bottled energy drinks, etc).  Here is a picture of the Mayor and race officials:

I ended up with a first place age group award! Fellow Brecksville resident Mark Spencer also won first place in his age group. Here is a picture of the two of us with our hardware:

Overall, a fun day. We will certainly do it again next year.

Next race for us: Kent 10K.  This is a race I have run continuously since 2003 but missed it the last two years. I thought that the race has been cancelled because it was getting smaller and smaller, so I was surprised to get an entry form in the mail. This is the course where I have my 10K PR of 41:20 from 2007.  Looks unlikely that I will improve it, but I will give it my best shot.

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Congratulation to the finisher of the race. It seems everybody has a great run!!!

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