Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let the Race Season Begin!

First race of the season!

Chili Bowl 5K Classic was held in downtown Cleveland (starting by the Terminal Tower) on Saturday February 13. Liz, and I signed up. This is part of the Hermes Road Race series and we are both signed up. So there is going to be a lot of racing going on for both of us!

Race started at 9:30 am. Temperature = 26F & light snow. Roads were slippery.

Chilly at the Chili Bowl - how appropriate!

*** Results ***

I finished first in my age group (1/28, 44/685 overall) with 21:06.
Liz finished 5/19 with 27:06

Mile splits: 6:26, 6:54, 7:26 (slight uphill in the way back)

My award was a nice (chili) bowl. I am happy with the results, considering the slippery roads and the fact that I have gained 10 lbs since November! Time to get into shape!

We both enjoyed the race and are happy to see our placement in the Road Racing Series:

I am first in my age group and Liz is second in her age group!

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