Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jog Into Spring - Independence 5K

Liz and I signed up for the "Jog Into Spring" 5K race in Independence, part of the Hermes Road Racing series. But Spring looked more like Winter this morning. When I got up, the temperature outside was 20F. What the h---??!! Not just winter, but face mask time?

Last time I ran this race was in 2007. I was 176 lbs and my time was 20:36, which is my best time for this course. This year I was 165 lbs and ready to get as close to 20 minutes as possible.

It was a rather small race (less than 300 runners). We warmed up for a mile or two, and I was freezing. In the last minute I decided to take off my long pants so I ran in shorts and two T-shirts (no jacket), and of course gloves and hat. I did not get overheated and I was not really cold, so it worked out OK.

The race started at the Independence Recreational center at 9am and went through local streets. I started fast with 6:13 for the first mile. Then, 6:47, 6:35 (pace in last 0.1 mile = 5:57).

My final time: 20:13. I finished 17th overall (out of about 300 runners). I got passed by two runners in the last 100 yards. One of them was in my age group, so I ended up with a 2nd place age group award.

Liz also finished 2nd in her age group, with 25:43 (new 5K PR!).  Here is a picture when she crosses the finish.  Click at the picture to enlarge and see her happy face:

We stayed for the awards and enjoyed the pizza and fruits. Here is a picture of both of us at the awards ceremony:

Later at home we looked at the results and it appears that both Liz and I are first in our age groups in the Hermes Road Racing series!

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E-Speed said...

I love all these reports of you and your wife racing together! Glad to see you both having so much fun and running so well!