Saturday, April 12, 2008

Week 15 – Training Report

This week the weather was nice so I ran every day except for Friday. I also paid attention to my eating.

S: 6 mi slow w/Liz, Columbia, trail, Snowville
M: 1 mi w/Liz then 5 alone in EH
T: 1 mi w/Liz then 7 alone, Snowville to towpath to Boston, then back via Riverview and Snowfille
W: Had to go to Detroit with J. Waldsmith, so I did “hill repeats”, 3 times up and down our street.
T: 6.5 mi, Columbia to Riverview to Snowville and home
F: Rest

S: Had to go to J. Motley’s funeral so I woke up early and started running from Red Lock to Peninsula along. Met group there at 7 am. Did an interesting loop (see route here) from Peninsula to Boston, to Brandywine Falls, to Bike & Hike trail, and back to Boston via Boston Mills road, and then back to Red Lock for me. Total 15.9 miles in 2:15. Mile splits: 8:43 8:15 8:11 8:14 8:29 8:11 8:06 8:00 9:08 10:55 8:12 7:48 8:06 7:38 9:01 9:22. The slow miles were when we reached Brandywine Falls and went to enjoy the view.

Totals for the week: 47 miles, 169 lbs

Next week I have to start long runs. We are only 5 weeks away from the Cleveland Marathon. Here is the general plan: Run 50+ mi/week. Do 18-22 miles long runs every weekend:
4/19 = 20 mi run, 4/20 = Race, Hermes 10 miles, long run on Sunday, 5/4 = Long run (Stereoscopic Weekend), 5/10 (one week before marathon) 15 mi long run, then taper.

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