Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Classic 1/2 M history and goal for tomorrow

Tomorrow I am running the Spring Classic 1/2 Marathon in Strongsville (near Cleveland) Ohio. A local running club (Cleveland West Road Runners Club, CWRRC), is organizing both a Spring and a Fall Classic. I have been running both races for the past 3 years.

They follow the same route, seen here (from my Garmin GPS watch - click at the picture to enlarge): The start line is marked with blue. We go up (slight uphill) for a bit over a mile, then enter a parking lot and out, then continue up, pass under 71, until the turnaround point (at this point I am tired, anxiously looking for the red cones that mark the turnaround), then down (skip the parking lot in the downhill) and then do a little loop to go through the start line again (first loop) or finish. The 5K route turns around after the parking lot.

I have run the 1/2 M course a total of 6 times. Here are my times:

Year / Spring / Fall
------------ -----------
2005 / 1:41:22 / 1:41:28
2006 / 1:45:00 /1:43:51
2007 / 1:42:10 / 1:33:14 (PR!!)

Last Fall I shuttered the course record, going from 1:41:22 to 1:33:14! That was quite an improvement. My goals for tomorrow, in order of increasing difficulty:

1. Beat last year's time: 1:42:10
2. Beat the Spring Classic best time: 1:41:22
3. Beat the Course best time (also 1/2 M PR): 1:33:14

I suspect my time will be between #2 and #3. I am setting the conservative goal of breaking 1:40. Wife and daughter are running the 5K of the same race. My wife's time from last Fall: 26:55. Daughter's time from one and only 5K: 34:19.

Good luck to our family!

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