Monday, May 28, 2012

Run with Scissors - 2011

Run with Scissors, Trail marathon – Oct 30, 2011

This race started my Fall trail races, and it was a good one!

Here is the race director (Ray Heger, very nice guy) giving the last instructions:

It was a tough race, the course was very muddy.  My Garmin did not work so I had no idea about mileage or time. My long pants got ripped and tripped once, so I dropped them at the 2nd aid station with my funny hat (for Halloween) which was falling off. The temperature in the morning was 30F, a bit chilly, but I was OK with shorts and a jacket. 

There was a contest for the best Halloween outfit. Jason Thibault won the contest:

I finished 6th overall with time 4:09 (and my race number was 409, coincidence!) I finished 4th male and first over 40.  I received the "Grandmasters" award (first over 50).  

[We had some discussion about this. I still think that the first over 40 should get the Masters award, even if over 50, but I accept the fact that in most races the awards are given as follows: 1) Open (0-39), 2) Masters (40-49), 3) Grandmasters (50 or older), even though, in my opinion, this scheme favors Masters runners.]

Here is a picture of me after the race, with my award, and my running outfit for the day.

The course was definitely the most muddy course I have ever run!  Here is a photo of my feet front and back after the race.

I saw in facebook that one lady changed 3 pairs of shoes and 4 pears of socks.  What’s the point?  A fresh pair will be soaked in mud in 5 minutes.  Another runner said she threw her shoes away after the race. I wash mine with the garden hose, then dry them, and they are ready for another race!

Overall, and despite the mud, it was a fine race, I enjoyed it.  Part of my award was a “coupon” to enter for free next year.  I’ll be there!!

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