Monday, May 28, 2012

Fools 25K - 2012

Fools 25K – Apr 1, 2012

This is my third year running this race. Two years ago I had signed up for the 50K but ran the first half too fast and quit after 25K (the course is a double loop). My time for the 25K was 2:22. Last year I dropped out of the 50K with 3 miles left, because of ITB pain (I could not even walk). This year I had to change the distance from 50K to 25K and I am glad I did! Seems that this race is bad luck for me.

It turned out to be a nice day today for the Fools 50K/25K race. It started cloudy and 40F but the sun came out in the end and warmed up to 50F.  Here are some pictures that I took at the start of the race.  April 1 and my number is 313?  This cannot be a good sign :)

I started the race running rather fast. I forgot my watch so I had no idea what the time/mileage or my pace was. At some point, I thought we might be around 10+ miles, hoping maybe 12, so I asked a guy and he said we are at mile 7.5. Ouch!!! Not even half?! That hurts!

Around mile 11 a tall guy with really long stride passed me. I had seen him come from behind passing runner after runner. I decided to stick with him. We passed each other a couple of times. The last aid station was at mile 12.5. Around mile 13 the tall guy passed me and he looked very strong (he was running all the uphills). The last 3 miles felt endless!! I started walking. I knew I could not catch the guy in front and there was no one I could see behind, so why even run??? :)

I finished (tired) at 2:16:30, 25K PR for me and 10th overall, a good result.

After the finish I talked to the tall guy who is 58 years old and this was only his second 25K (the first one was last year) and the longest distance he has ever raced. He was very strong in the last 3 miles and managed to build a 3 minute difference from me. I think he will have a bright future in trail races.

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