Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trails !!

The weather has been beautiful (warm & sunny) for the last week and I love running trails again!

Last Saturday we had a group trail run, starting from Boston, through the Buckeye trail to Snowville (5.2 miles) and then 4.8 miles to the Brecksville Stables, and back. Total of 20 miles done at about 3 ½ hours.

It was rather chilly at 6:30 am at the valley at Boston but at least 10- 20F warmer higher in the hills. I had stashed a bottle of Gatorade at Snowville, which proved to be a very idea. I was running ahead with Bob Clarke. Everyone else was behind.

At first we thought that the turnaround point was the Pavilion in Brecksville, but the GPS watch showed only 9 miles and there was no water there. So we continued for one more mile and found the Stables. We got some water and turned back. We met the rest of the group near the Pavilion and Nick Billock took this nice picture of us:

Later, Bob and I passed some runners who turned around at the Pavilion. They were dehydrated since they got no water and their supply had run out. I offered to share my Gatorade at Snowville with one guy. For the last couple of miles we ran out of water too, but made it to Boston OK.

Overall, it was a nice run. The weather was beautiful and the trails not too wet.

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