Friday, January 1, 2010

Great New Year’s Eve 5K Run - 2009

Great New Year’s Eve 5K Run

My wife and I ran the Great New Years Eve 5K last night. This was the 3rd time for me and the first time for my wife (I had to work a bit, to make her agree to this :))

My times in the previous 2 years:

2007 – 20:47
2008 – 21:48

The weather was fairly decent (last year it was very cold and icy, this year it was 38F, the streets were wet but not slippery). At the start I got behind some slow runners and was a bit delayed, until I found an opening on the left side. My first mile was 6:31. Mile 2 involves some hills in the return, time 6:51. Mile 3 = 6:53. Final stretch: 6:18. I was happy I passed a couple of runners near the end, including 14 year old Rachel.

My time was almost exactly 21 minutes (a bit over actually, as I tried to beat 21 minute but did not make it). This is a good time considering the weather, tough course, and the fact that I have gained 8 lbs since the Athens Marathon! (I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon, in the eating/diet department)

Liz before the race and at the finish line.

We stayed after the race to enjoy the food and socialize with other runners. When the time came for the awards, it was a repeat of the Thanksgiving 4 mile race. They announced the top Female winner but she said she was not the first. If they cannot get the first female runner right, you know the results are all messed up. So, they stopped the awards and asked people to come forward to check their times and placement. I was listed 3rd in my age group with 20:50, and my wife was also listed 3rd in her ago group, so we took our awards (engraved glass) and went home, happy. They have posted what they call "preliminary" results in the Summit Athletic web page.

Overall, despite the confusion with the times and awards, it was a fun race and we’ll do it again.

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