Saturday, January 2, 2010

Following the Guy with the Pony Tail

Snow covered Trail Run – 15F

I had every good intention to wake up early and join the 6 am, or maybe 7 am running group today, but when I got up and saw all the snow in the ground, I decided to wait and join the SERC (South East Running Club) which always starts at L29 at 8 am on Saturdays.

I arrived at L29 at 8:15 and barely made it, joining about 8 more running fanatics. This group runs for about 12 miles, 2 hours, in the trails. The temperature today was 15F (-9C). It sounds more dramatic in Celsius but it was quite cold and I had to wear a face mask, in addition to the regular winter running gear.

Steve (second from left) is deciding which way to go.  - Some parts of the trail has thick snow.

The group’s leader appears to be Steve Godale, Mark’s brother, who has a long redish hair and long beard. A couple of weeks ago I asked if they have a running schedule and they said, “we just follow the guy with the pony tail” (Steve). I then asked, “What are you doing today?” Reply: “We are following the guy with the pony tail”. So, the plan is very simple.

Some parts were easier to negotiate that others.

Today Steve decided to go off the trail so for about 30 minutes we were a bit lost, in the thick snow, in the middle of nowhere. But, finally, we found the trail again and we were back to L29 safe, almost exactly 2 hours after we started.

I really enjoy these trail runs, even in the winter!

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Sensationally Red said...

It was great seeing you out there Dr. T. and yes, I so totally agree with you about the loneliness of that second 8 mile loop. Fabulous run!