Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Weeks to Akron (4 to Towpath)

A nice long and very challenging run today… We started from Peninsula at 6:30 am. Up “Initiation Hill” (very steep), then straight at the “Bike & Hike” trail, then down to Boston (water break). Then to Riverview Road and turn right up Stein (hilly). Continue to Oak Hill Road, right on Riverview (briefly) and to Bolanz Rd (water break). From there to Akron Peninsula Rd and back to start. Not only it was a hard and hilly course, it was pouring rain all the way. A tough run indeed.

I tired to follow the leading group but fell behind. I am happy with my mile splits: 10:18 8:10 8:14 7:42 7:19 8:05 8:39 8:35 8:59 8:11 8:06 7:40 8:14 8:29 8:20 8:37 8:12. Average Pace: 8:19, good for the conditions. Total mileage = 16.5.

Other news: I started my diet this week with a semi-fast on Monday (I only ate a couple of fruits). After reaching 168.5 lbs on Sunday, I was down to 162 on Thursday, but ate a bit more on Thursday and Friday and I was fine in the long run on Saturday. I know some people say that this (taper = 3 weeks before a marathon) is not a time for a diet, but that's what I did for Cleveland and it worked.

Goal or Target? I mentioned previously that my goal for the Akron marathon is 3:30. Actually, this is a target time. What is the difference? I think goal is something you really want to achieve and you either make it or not. Target is a time you aim for. You can be off and that’s not a big deal. Since I don’t really care for my time (having quality for Boston earlier), I think I can call 3:30 my goal. I will not be disappointed if I don’t meet this target time. I am taking it easy. The following day Lea wants us to run a 5K in Toledo. Two weeks later I will run the Towpath marathon.

Total for the week: 50 miles, 165 lbs

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