Monday, May 5, 2008

Weeks 17 & 18 – Training Report

<---- The 8 mile route around my neighborhood. By mistake I did one loop twice, so the total for this run was 8.5 miles.

This is a report for the last two weeks.

S: 6.2 mi w/Dan at Towpath
M: Eating a lot, tired, only 2 mi.
T: Today I reached the peak of my weight… Ran to the RC and came back via the Buckeye Trail. See posting “What a day”. I did not eat anything after I came back and my weight decline is starting here.
W: 10 mi w/Dan in Bike & Hike trail (BHT), tired and thirsty
T, F: Rest
S: Hermes 10 miler (see report)

Totals for the week: 33 miles, 167 lbs

S: W/Liz & Lea in Towpath, then home alone up Snowville, 8.5 mi.
M: Start Detox Diet, run around EH, 4.3 mi
T: Around EH, 7.1 mi.
W: W/Dan, BHT, nice 8.7 mi at 8:11 average pace
T: Around EH, 4 mi
F: Rest (busy!)
S: 3D Weekend!

Totals for the week: 53 miles, 169 lbs

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