Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week 19 – Training Report

Last week I started the Detox diet. I fasted on Tuesday and I had lost 5 lbs by Saturday. I will continue to eat sensibly, but now I have to focus on my Marathon next Week.

S: 8.5 mi in the morning, then Monster House 3D Movie (part of the 3D Weekend), then 6.5 mi. Columbia road loop w/Liz (slower pace)
M: 5 mi, around EH
T: Fast today. 10 good miles and fitness! OSPS meeting at night.
W. Woke up 161 lbs! 2 mi w/Lea at noon, 4 mi w/Liz in the evening.
T: Nice strong run, loop: Snowville down to towpath, Boston, Riverview, Columbia and back home. Total 9.5 mi.
F: 1 mi w/Liz
S: Last long run before my marathon next week. I did 12.7 miles in 1:41. My mile splits: 8:30 8:00 8:38 8:10 7:58 8:03 8:07 7:35 7:44 7:32 7:27 7:46 7:58. Average pace was 7:57, which should be my marathon pace if I am going to do 3:30.

Totals for the week: 58 miles, 164 lbs

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