Saturday, May 1, 2010

Celebrate Nursing 10K

Celebrate Nursing 10K - 2010

Today (May 1, happy new month!) Liz and I ran the "Celebrate Nursing 10K". This is part of a Road Racing series and it is a small race, so we decided to do it, to get some points. The location on the East Side of Cleveland was easy to get to, the building very nice, and the race well-organized. The weather was warm (70sF) and cloudy.

Here is a picture of Liz before the race:

While waiting on line for the start, I saw a friend who warned me about the course. I thought it was flat, but he told me that it is mostly uphill for the first half, then turns around (and gets downhill). Sure enough, after the first flat 1/2 mile, rather steep hills start. I think my mile splits tell the story:

Mile 1: 7:03
Mile 2: 7:21
Mile 3: 7:18
Mile 4: 7:01
Mile 5: 6:53
Mile 6: 6:40
Last 0.2: 6:49
Average pace: 6:58 - Final time: 43:11
Finished 11/150, and 2/7 in my age group (50-54)

Here is a picture of me picking up my 2nd place award:

I am happy I had the strength to run the downhills fast enough to compensate for the slowing in the uphills (sometimes the legs get tired running uphill and the downhills are slow too. But this did not happen to me.)

Liz had no idea of the uphills and, as she says, she used all her energy in mile 1. I snapped a picture (slightly out of focus) of her after the turn-around point:

Her final time was 56:18 and she finished 5/7 in her age group (50-54).

Now we are waiting to see how many points we got for our Road Racing series (I am first in my age group but quite possibly have placed at the top 5, which gives more points; Liz is 2nd in her age group).

I plan to run a long run tomorrow and then take it easy for2 weeks, getting ready for the Cleveland Marathon on May 16th!

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