Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to Trails!

Now that the Cleveland Marathon is over, Trail running is back in our area. For me it is a welcome break from running roads.

Last week I participated in the first group trail run. About 50 runners showed up in Peninsula (see picture, courtesy of Nick Billock). I only ran 10 miles (up to Pine Lane and from there to Boston and Back).

We repeated the same route yesterday but with only 15 people this time. The group went faster this time and I soon found myself running out of energy (I should remember to eat something before the long Saturday/Trail runs). So I fell behind. In the way back (Boston to Pine Lane) I ran on my own and took my time. Despite running the 2nd half considerably slower (with lots of walking breaks) than the first, the overall time this week was faster than the previous week.

The official training runs for the Buckeye 50K start on Sunday June 7th. In the meanwhile a typical week these days looks as follows:

- Monday: Crosstrain (Yoga?), walk or 1-3 mile slow run
- Tuesday: Run to Brecksville Rec Center, Fitness class (4-8 miles)
- Wednesday: Tempo run or speedwork with Liz (this is new)
- Thursday: Run to Brecksville Rec Center, Fitness class (same as Tuesday)
- Friday: Rest
- Saturday: Group Run
- Sunday: Slow run with Liz (6-8 miles) or (soon to start) Group Trail Run

Every Tuesday and Thursday Liz and I take a Fitness class at the Brecksville recreational Center. I try to run there and, if possible, take the back way (down on Snowville, to the Buckeye Trail to Brecksville, up through the trail to Brecksville Road, and from there to the Rec Center, a total of 8.2 miles, 6 of which are on the Trail, part of the Buckeye 50K Trail route). I love this route and it is a good practice for the Buckeye 50K run.

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