Friday, October 10, 2008

Why I support the Towpath Marathon?

The Towpath marathon is dear into my heart because:

  1. It is a beautiful area, a great local natural treasure
  2. It comes as close as 2 miles from my house
  3. We (me, wife, running friends) regularly run there throughout the year
  4. I ran my first race there, a 5K in 2002 (21:27)
  5. I have run the Towpath marathon every year since 2003
  6. 2003 - Two people relay, I ran 15.2 miles in 2:00 (7:54 pace)
  7. 2004 - First full marathon! Goal (under 4 hours) achieved: 3:55
  8. 2005 - Improved Course time: 3:45
  9. 2006 - Again improved course time: 3:36 (course record so far)
  10. 2007 - The heat and fast start took their toll.... 3:47
So, I have to run the 2008 Marathon and keep the steak alive

I don't feel I have recovered sufficiently from the Akron marathon... I struggled last Sunday in an attempted long run. The best I can aim for is a course record. This is my goal, but it is hard to achieve. The running surface of the towpath does not favor speed. I run faster in road marathons. In addition, today (Friday) I carried some heavy boxes and my back is hurting (I had a severe back pain problem & herniated disc in 2001).

Target: 3:35

Wish me luck :) I'll be at the "Pasta dinner" tomorrow 5:30 pm (Quality Inn, Richfield, on Brecksville Road, very close to my house)

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Sensationally Red said...

Wow...a Towpath Legacy runner! Good luck to you. I bet you are running as I type this. Can't wait to hear how you did.